Yes, I have over simplified home selling to 3 steps but the depth of each step is the important matter. 

CLEANING YOUR HOME -  I have used that example of a hotel room.  You know someone has stayed there before you but you don't want to see evidence of them being there.  The "strange hair" on the pillow or bathroom will send you over the roof and demand the manager for a free night.   You are opening your home to strangers to see if your home could be theirs one day.  The first minute they step in your home will determine if they make an offer or move on.  Yes, it is hard work getting a  home ready for a showing but the time you make on those details will pay off in the end. Here are some recommendations I have shared in the past.

  • Lysol clean - When in doubt, clean with Lysol cleaner or similar cleaner.  Lemon scent seems to work well. 
  • No scented candles - many people are more sensitive to strong scents now.  Use a fresh or fresh linen scent from Febreze.
  • Invest in Swiffer sheets or similar dust capturing cloths - It helps with dusting from lighting to floors.

Pack and Store 1/2 to 2/3 of your "STUFF" - We as a society collect too much stuff.  The story of my wife asking me why we were moving after I put 2/3 of our stuff in storage was true.  Your home will look so bare that buyers that see your home will ask if their agent if you still live there.  Remember you are selling the space and square footage of the home and NOT your  treadmill in the corner that you use to hang clothes.  Since you are already committed to selling the home, now you only have 1/3 of the home left to pack up and move. 

Work with a LOCAL REALTOR® - Work with a local, experienced, REALTOR® that will be frank and honest in getting your home ready for the market.  They can walk through the home with you to identify what needs to get done and what the priorities are.  As a REALTOR®, we try to market your home at the best possible way to get you the best offer.  You may have the best pictures online to get buyers to make a showing appointment but if reality doesn't meet their "online expectations" then you may lose that opportunity of an offer.

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