5 Tips for Spring Homes Selling

Spring is the best time to get your home ready on the market or just to keep it well maintained.  If you do these tips annually,  you will be quickly ready to get your home on the market for top dollar when the time comes.  These tips I am sharing have been proven with the last 16 years of real estate I have been selling homes.  

1. Check your DOOR - Evaluate the condition of your door.  If your door is exposed to the elements or receives a lot of sun during parts of the day,  the paint is weathering away and needs some attention.  This is especially necessary when getting your home ready for the market.  In our regular daily lives we normally enter through the garage door after parking the car in the garage or driveway so the condition of the front door and porch will tend to be neglected.  Remember, when showing home buyers we enter through the front to get the best first impression.  A worn out door will not set the tone of a well cared for home and first impression.  

2. Check your DOOR HARDWARE - If your door looks bad, likely so will your door hardware.  It maybe old and tarnished and will need to get replaced.  Check if the key is easily inserted, removed, and locks properly.  Sticky locks can slow down our showing process and NOT secure your home well after we are done showing.

3. Paint WOOD TRIM -  Most affordable and quickest way to freshen the  front entry way of your home.  RESALE homes are competing against new construction homes so any painting you do will help enhance your competitive level.

4. POSTS, COLUMNS, and HANDRAILS - Exposed wood or wood product will deteriorate in the course of it’s life if not maintained.  This may turn into a costly repair for any custom columns or posts .  Rotten wood also will NOT pass the TERMITE INSPECTION (CL100) of your home.  Inspect, repair, and maintain annually so won’t cost much more later on or slow down your closing.

5. POWER WASH EXTERIOR - One of the sides of your home will not receive sun and more prone to get mildew.  Getting a professionally licensed and bonded power washer is highly recommended.    The high pressure can damage your home and your windows breaking the glass seal.  A broken gas seal on your window is another costly repair ($200+).  

These tips have helped my clients sell their home in the last 16 years of real estate in the Lexington and Columbia area.  The FIRST IMPRESSION is the only impression that matters when showing to a home buyer so you need to make it count.  
If you are planning to sell your home, call, email, or text me for a NO OBLIGATION Market Analysis of your home.  As a client,  I can help with providing you PROVEN SELLING TIPS and ADVICE in getting your home sold faster.




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