Who is this guy who wants to be my Real Estate Agent? I hope I am the type of guy you want representing your values and interests in buying and selling your home in Lexington and Columbia South Carolina.

My Work Ethic
With work experience in the restaurant and retail apparel industry, I understand the importance of communicating with my clients and providing good customer service. I am not shy to hard work or to completing tasks in an efficient and timely manner. Meeting your deadlines and exceeding your expectations is my highest priority. I always have a sense of urgency in any job I do. I am honored by the trust you place in me and take personal ownership of this important lifetime decision. My promise is that I will execute my job to the best of my ability without sacrificing my values and integrity.

On a More Personal Note
South Carolina became my home twelve years ago after traveling and opening restaurants for Applebee's. Quality of life and starting a family became new goals. I moved from the restaurant industry to work in retail for Structure and then for Eddie Bauer since 1999. If you think I look familiar, you might have seen me at the Columbiana Center Mall selling you a pair of khakis.

My Faith
A pivotal point of my life happened in May of 2000, when I accepted Christ at the Harvest Church in Lexington, South Carolina. I was blessed to find God and this wonderful church, pastored by Ken Jumper.  Since then, God has continuously blessed my life, including answering my prayers that the rest of my family be saved.  It didn't happen over night, but God moved my father, sister, and mother in His time.  My blessings didn't end there; it was only fitting that I meet my wife-to-be at this same church.  Dorie Johansen, a French teacher at Midway Elementary School, and I were married on April 12, 2003.   

Two months later we bought our first home in Prescott Glen, and still can't believe we are married.  God had guided me through many difficult times.  I know there will be challenges as a Real Estate agent; however, I am confident I will succeed and represent you well given my faith and trust in Him. 

‚ÄčI hope this snapshot of who I am will tell you what is important to me.  I look forward to serving you and to meeting your future real estate needs.